Goodbye 2017 Year of the Handstands!

Goodbye 2017 (aka Year of the Handstands!)

These are some of the pics I took during the last few weeks of class! We are definitely going to continue our handstand training and add on for 2018! Let’s look forward to handstanding WITHOUT the wall and FULL SPLITS for 2018! <3

July 24th Zumba/Kickboxing!

Hey Friends!

So I know a promised you guys I would upload the photos of Monday’s class so HERE THEY ARE!

Thank you guys so much for partying with me! I had such a fun time (LIKE ALWAYS) and I’m glad you guys keep coming back!

I know sometimes some of the things we do in class might be a little difficult, but you guys are pushing yourselves so hard and I’m so proud! THANK YOU for putting up with my sometimes CRAZINESS, but you guys are turning into WARRIORS!

Keep pushing yourselves, having fun, and SMILING! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3 See you SUNDAY!

May Schedule!

May Schedule!

Hey Everyone! May is here and that means so is SUMMER!

The next few months were are going to appreciate all that summer has to offer and we start with MAY DAY! Wear your floral or flower colored shirts, shorts, and shoes on the 1st of May!

May the 4th might fall on a Thursday, but we’re celebrating on Monday the 8th! Wear anything that you have that’s STAR WARS!

Sunday May 14th is Mother’s Day, so on Monday May 15th, we celebrate all the moms! We are going to wear what your mom might have worn if she was going to the gym when she was twenty! So break out those leg warmers and headbands, we’re going RETRO!

May 29th is Memorial Day so to say THANK YOU to all our service members, we’re going CAMO on May 22nd!

Again please stay at the end of every class for an awesome group photo and you can see them on my Instagram: @DavidTheTail or on Facebook: David the tail Zumbate!

April Schedule

DDR Fitness April Schedule!

Hey everyone! The April Schedule is out!

Now this month we’re gonna start and end strong! We begin with RED to signify the coming warmer weather! Then at the end of the month we’ll wear some Spring colors like Pink, Light Blue, Light Green, and Purple to say goodbye to what is (hopefully) a beautiful month!

As you can see from the 2 COVERAGE weeks, I will not be here for those two weeks! ๐Ÿ™ But I’m sure you’ll have fun without me and anticipate my triumphant return!

Have a blast guys and as always I’ll be handing out a few schedule in class, but you can always come here and print it out! See you later!

Zumba February Photos!

David the Tail and his South Shore YMCA Zumba Crew!
David the Tail and his South Shore YMCA Zumba Crew all wearing Blue

February is over!

We had a few fun classes this month! Here are the pictures for February!

First up was our BLUE class! Thank you all for wearing blue and welcoming February!

At the end of February, we welcomed David the Tail and his South Shore YMCA Crew all wearing Green.March by wearing Green! Thank you all for your shades of green and saying goodbye to February!

March will be an awesome month! Hope to see you guys in your best dress! ๐Ÿ™‚ <3

DDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for March

DDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for March!DDR Fitness LLC. Zumba Schedule for March

Welcome to March!

This month we’ll be following the release of some of the most anticipated movies of the year!

First up: WEAR MARVEL COMICS! For the release of LOGAN!

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day, so for our Monday, March 13th class we are going to break our St Patty’s Day gear! Wear Green! Leprechaunย socks, jackets, WHATEVER YOU GOT! Let me see that green!

Then, in honor of the release of Beauty and the Beast, we are going DISNEY on March 20th! You can do any character from ANY Disney movie! Just remember to stay for the picture afterwards!

Finally, at the end of the month, I’m super excited for POWER RANGERS! Come dressed in your power ranger get up OR any primary color :P.


DDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for FEBRUARY

DDR Fitness LLC. Zumba Schedule for FebruaryDDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for February!

February is upon us!

January is almost over and for the last Zumba Fitness Class that I teach I’ll be instructing my Z5 playlist!

For February I have LOTS of new things coming! New songs and new routines are in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you! As a part of my New Year’s Resolution I have vowed to give you guys MORE amazing ways to jam out in 2017! New choreography WEEKLY to go along with each playlist! AND Themed Nights at The YMCA! Come on down in a specific color and get ready to PARTY! I’ll be handing out copies of the schedule for the month during class OR you can print it on your own OR you can check my website (here) or FACEBOOK!

Starting Monday February 6th we go big! Playlist Z1 will have a few *NEW* songs and I’d love it if everyone wore BLUE to welcome February! Monday February 13th I will *NOT* be teaching and will be announcing coverage shortly! Monday February 20th is PRESIDENT’S DAY! Please join me at the YMCA that night in your most President-ly attire! This is TOTALLY open to interpretation so I’m excited to see what you guys come up with! Finally, Monday February 27th the color theme is GREEN to welcome MARCH!

Sad news :(

Sad news everyone ๐Ÿ™Picture of David the Tail with his students after a Tabata Class at Intoxx Oakwood.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the canceling of my Saturday morning 9am class at Intoxx Fitness in Oakwood, Tabata.

Since numbers have been low the managers think it’s a good decision to try another class with another instructor.

I’m very sad to have to give up this time slot because it means I won’t be able to hang with you amazing ladies anymore!

I want to thank you all for coming to my class these past few months. We started with Kickboxing, then moved to Lower Body Sculpting, and finally Tabata. You have been an amazing group of ladies throughout my time at Intoxx and you’ve met every single challenge I’ve thrown at you! You are inspiring and you always show up to class ready to face whatever I throw at you! I truly hope you enjoy the new class that will be starting in February and I hope the instructor continues to motivate you, challenge you, and push your through to shatter your fitness goals!ย David the Tail with students at Intoxx Fitness located in Oakwood Heights

Wherever our lives take us I will always remember your smiles and the awesome workouts we’ve experienced together! THANK YOU for being my students, helping me with my fitness goals, and allowing me to help you with yours! <3 See you around!