Sad news :(

Sad news everyone 🙁Picture of David the Tail with his students after a Tabata Class at Intoxx Oakwood.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to announce the canceling of my Saturday morning 9am class at Intoxx Fitness in Oakwood, Tabata.

Since numbers have been low the managers think it’s a good decision to try another class with another instructor.

I’m very sad to have to give up this time slot because it means I won’t be able to hang with you amazing ladies anymore!

I want to thank you all for coming to my class these past few months. We started with Kickboxing, then moved to Lower Body Sculpting, and finally Tabata. You have been an amazing group of ladies throughout my time at Intoxx and you’ve met every single challenge I’ve thrown at you! You are inspiring and you always show up to class ready to face whatever I throw at you! I truly hope you enjoy the new class that will be starting in February and I hope the instructor continues to motivate you, challenge you, and push your through to shatter your fitness goals! David the Tail with students at Intoxx Fitness located in Oakwood Heights

Wherever our lives take us I will always remember your smiles and the awesome workouts we’ve experienced together! THANK YOU for being my students, helping me with my fitness goals, and allowing me to help you with yours! <3 See you around!

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