DDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for FEBRUARY

DDR Fitness LLC. Zumba Schedule for FebruaryDDR Fitness Zumba Schedule for February!

February is upon us!

January is almost over and for the last Zumba Fitness Class that I teach I’ll be instructing my Z5 playlist!

For February I have LOTS of new things coming! New songs and new routines are in the works and I can’t wait to share them with you! As a part of my New Year’s Resolution I have vowed to give you guys MORE amazing ways to jam out in 2017! New choreography WEEKLY to go along with each playlist! AND Themed Nights at The YMCA! Come on down in a specific color and get ready to PARTY! I’ll be handing out copies of the schedule for the month during class OR you can print it on your own OR you can check my website (here) or FACEBOOK!

Starting Monday February 6th we go big! Playlist Z1 will have a few *NEW* songs and I’d love it if everyone wore BLUE to welcome February! Monday February 13th I will *NOT* be teaching and will be announcing coverage shortly! Monday February 20th is PRESIDENT’S DAY! Please join me at the YMCA that night in your most President-ly attire! This is TOTALLY open to interpretation so I’m excited to see what you guys come up with! Finally, Monday February 27th the color theme is GREEN to welcome MARCH!

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